Dear Angry, Overweight, Bald, SUPer

Cape Town surfers – it’s been a while.

This is a post about angry surfers again. This time it’s Muizenberg that’s in the spotlight.

Before I kick off let’s all agree if you’re surfing at Muizenberg you’re either 1) learning to surf, or 2) you are playing the game of ‘dodge the beginners’. It’s not an advanced wave. In fact Muizenberg is the defacto learn-to-surf break in South Africa and as such the assumption must be that people in the water are learning to surf. Quick reminder for those that have forgotten learning to surf is rad.

So if happen to be just past middle age, over weight, bald, SUPer and get angry at a beginner surfer – don’t. Just don’t.

It’s never right to intimidate someone.

It’s never right to shout at someone and force them out of the water with fear.

It’s never right to thrust your paddle towards another persons face as a gesture, threat or accident*.
(*I left accident in here just in case you had no idea what you were doing)

Let’s get more gees in the water, especially Muizenberg where


Wavescape Surf Film Festival 2012

It is time for the Wavescape Surf Film Festival again and this year they have put together 20 feature and 11 short films will be screened at four venues around Cape Town.

To check out some awesome surf films, whilst sitting on the beach, for free, you’ll want to head to Clifton 4th beach at 8pm on the 8th of December 2012. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Wavescape Surf Film Festival are also doing some indoor screenings at the Labia Theatre, The Superette in Woodstock and at the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay. You’ll have to pay for the indoor screenings, but it’s only R35. They are also doing a charity auction of some art surfboards at 7pm on Wednesday 5th of December at Superette in Woodstock.

For more check out

Wavescape Surf Film Festival 2012

Ship got stuck in Clifton

Loads of these photo’s spreading around at the moment, so I took my own of the ship that ran aground in Clifton.

Do you think the captain was related to Francesco Schettino – the captain of the Italian cruise liner  that sank in the Mediterranean earlier this year?

Do you think Clifton is finally going to have a decent peak?

Leave your interesting or thought provoking comments and responses below.

Another Ship Wreck in Cape Town


Surf Trip Essentials

Rob Gilley wrote a redux of his surf trip essentials on his trip to Mexico and I wanted to share them.

On a recent journey to Mexico I came to the realization that my previous blog list of inexpensive, important items to bring on a surf trip was incomplete. I became painfully aware of this fact as I paced back and forth, sweating and nervous, hoping beyond hope that the dude I had met earlier in the day was going to fulfill his promise and bring an extra fin key to the cantina. While waiting for this guy and his precious cargo, I remembered a few other key items as well.

Fin Key(s)
We might as well call them church keys. Unless you ride an Alaia or a sponge, without one you can not re-assemble your sacred craft, ride into the crystal cathedral, or get spit out of the pope’s living room. Do yourself a favor, buy a bunch of them and stash one in your backpack, one in your board bag, one in your toiletry kit, one in your colorectal netherworld—wherever you have to in order to make sure you are never without one.

Approx. cost = $1.00 ea.

Tie Down Straps
I’m still not sure why people continue to use “soft racks” when these puppies exist. Items actually borrowed from a kayaker’s playlist (I know, I know), pro surfers started using these easy-to-pack straps over fifteen years ago for huge coffin board bags, and then realized they work for any situation. These straps go around your boards and then through the inside of the car, giving you extra strap awareness as well. The only downside is during foul weather: rainwater can travel down the straps and into the car, transforming a simple car ride a drippy, miserable hell.

Approx. cost = $20.00

Lightweight Towel
This is one of those items that doesn’t seem that important to pack, but can be sorely missed on the other end. Just make sure you bring a lightweight one (for some reason there is a huge disparity in towel weight), and one that’s large enough to wrap around your body in order to avoid a foreign nudity conviction.

Approx. cost = $10.00

The Dynamic Duo : Pepto Bismol/ Immodium
It was at the precise moment that my son hurled up a bean and cheese burrito, French fry, and virgin Pina Colada rainbow stew that I remembered having anti-nausea medicine is a good idea. And bring some Immodium too to avoid the potential of burning the candle at both ends.

Approx. cost = $15.00

Wax/Wax Box
Believe it or not, surf wax is a precious—even hoarded—commodity in some parts of the world. Rumors of it replacing the Gold Standard in the tropics are unconfirmed. The bottom line is to make sure you bring a couple of appropriately temperatured bars, and it’s also probably a good idea to buy one of those plastic containers to avoid a melted, lint-corrupted blob.

Approx. cost = $5.00

Free from the distractions of home, a good book can be a valuable companion on any trip. Besides re-igniting a computer-stymied mind, a book is also a good way to kill time during those eternal waits at foreign airports, restaurants, banks, and post offices. A good book can literally turn frustrated impatience into Zen-filled joy.

Approx. cost = $15.00

So, adding to the previous Small Saviors list, we now have a dozen precious, inexpensive items to bring on your next foreign surf trip:

Item Approx. Cost ($)

1. A Working Pen (1.00)
2. ½ Roll of Toilet Paper (1.00)
3. Headlamp (20.00)
4. Hooded Sweatshirt (25.00)
5.Extra Credit Card (Free)
6. Tylenol/Tums/Sucrets (10.00)
7. Fin Key (1.00)
8. Tie Down Straps (20.00)
9. Lightweight Towel (10.00)
10. Pepto/Immodium (15.00)
11. Wax/Wax Box (5.00)
12. Book (15.00)

Approx. Total = $133.00

Keep in mind these are approximate retail prices for new items. If you’re a real cheap-ass, you can save even more cash by visiting your local thrift store or garage sale.

Great article, hope it saves you a nightmare on the road next time you do a surf trip.

Firewire Surfboards

Firewire Surfboards are an interesting and probably one of the best implementations of the epoxy surfboard solutions available on the market at the moment. 

You will most probably have seen the Firewire board with “Parabolic Balsa Rails”, which basically means instead of having a normal central stringer, the board has 2 balsa stringers on the rails. This makes the rails more rigid and the center of the board more flexible, so if you think a normal board has a rigid stringer in the middle and more flexible rails – thats how the sales pitch goes anyway.

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